That was the most economical title to fit what this post is about but I realise that it’s misleading so, to be clear, House Cambridge, William and Kate, have not released their own set of emojis – even though that would be amazing and they should consider it. 

Prince William and Catherine are in North Wales today visiting Caernarfon Coastguard Search and Rescue Helicopter Base. Yesterday they launched the King’s Cup which is happening on August 9 and it was announced that Will and Kate will race each other:


Note the emoji that was included with that tweet. It appeared again in another tweet later on in the day: 


(Side note: when I first glanced at that tweet, I thought it said “Cunty Stark”, like…did the Hound write this?) 

Royals barely use exclamation points. And they certainly don’t use emojis often. Kensington Palace has been using them more and more. They even posted an emoji only tweet yesterday. 

It’s just an observation. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Even though, well, communication means everything. That’s what communication is for. That’s what they’re using social media for. So the WAY they’re communicating is worth talking about. House Cambridge and House Sussex now have separate social media accounts. House Sussex’s social media strategy so far has been very effective. Meghan Markle used social media effectively before she became a royal. And now that she’s in control of the independent House Sussex Instagram account, we’ve seen some subtle changes to their social media strategy that have worked well which… can’t have gone unnoticed, right? 

This is not a bad thing. Improving is not a bad thing. Learning from each other is not a bad thing. It’s just, you know, interesting, since those courtiers who’ve been stirring up so much trouble, cheesed about how Meghan does things differently, like it’s a bad thing – how bad could it be if they’re borrowing from the example? Or is the problem that they didn’t think of it first?