Dear Gossips,

The first thing I did this morning when my alarm went off was check on the #mprracoon. The joy and relief I felt when I found out s/he made it safely up to the roof though…as every raccoon in my neighbourhood, including the one that camped out on our back deck all winter, is all like, what the f-ck about us, bitch? …. it’s weird. I mean I’m still checking for updates to find out whether or not it finally got some food and water. 

Is this because of the Avengers? Probably not. But I happened to find out about the raccoon situation last night after obsessing for over an hour over “which Avenger represents what type of friend you are”. It’s not a Buzzfeed quiz – in fact, it’s harder than a Buzzfeed quiz. 

*I* think I’m a cross between Nebula…

…and Nakia…

…but I also think the point of this exercise is for your friends to tell you who you are. 

I’m going to spend the rest of the day assigning Avenger personalities to our entire team. For example, I think Jacek is Vision. LOLOLOLOLOL.

Yours in gossip,