Dear Gossips,

On Saturday night, at precisely 11:08pm, I texted Duana: 

“I’m obsessed with Ariana Grande. It’s official.”

Her response:

“I love when you have a turnaround.”

It’s true. It’s a turnaround. And, if you’ve been reading this site consistently for a while, you would have noted that it’s been building over the last couple of years or so, intensified over the summer, and hit a new high with the release of “thank u, next”. As Kathleen wrote yesterday, it’s a great breakup song. It’s a great “Break Up With Him” song. “I’m so f-ckin’ grateful for my ex” is a great f-ckin’ lyric. But the most powerful lyric, the more I listen, is this one and the variations on it:

“Now I’m so amazing”

Because when you’re singing along to it, that’s the lyric you put yourself into. This is the one you’re willing yourself to feel, with a deep, deep breath, and it’s designed to feel great as you say it. I AM so amazing. And it is so amazing, when a song can give you what you need to tell yourself in the way you want to tell it to yourself.

Also, seemingly like all good songs these days, “thank u, next” has given us some great memes. Here’s my personal favourite…because OMG, Pierce Brosnan’s singing… 

Yours in gossip,