Parking fights can get pretty deadly. Like I’m constantly pissed off over the parking in my neighbhourhood because people don’t make good use of the space, goddamn it! Can you imagine how much worse it is in New York City where everything is at a premium? That’s why New Yorkers are mad at Sofia Coppola – over parking. Which…they really should be mad at the production and location managers. It’s not her job at all to care about the parking. (Dlisted) 

Obsessed with this jumpsuit on Keke Palmer. It’s silver sparkly but I’d want it in every colour. You know why? It’s baggy. It’s loose – but with structure. I love that the pant hem is tucked or cuffed. I love that the sleeves have room. How heavy is it, do you think? Because that would be the only concern. Does it breathe? Are you sweating within a few minutes? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Angelina Jolie has another job. It’s a good fit. And it’s an extension of the work she’s already doing. Here’s my question: who gets to edit her? And … how open is she to being edited? (Cele|bitchy) 

I went to a painting class for the first time a few weeks ago. Not going to lie – I thought I would hate it. I can’t do art. I can’t draw. But I left there wanting to go back. Painting, for me, is like baking: so meditative! I wouldn’t say I’m good…but I don’t think my first painting was sh-tty either. Because they walk you step by step through the process using a model painting that everyone tries to reproduce, and I happen to be very good at following instructions. Anyway, there’s a paint scandal happening on Instagram about this artist who poses with her paintings and some people don’t believe they’re really hers but now she’s responded and… I believe her. Do you? (OMG Blog) 

Do you wear linen? Linen is light. Linen is for summer, for holiday. That said, my complaint about linen is the wrinkling. Which is why my linen choices are usually restricted to half body. I’ll wear a white linen shirt – always a classic look – but I won’t wear it over a linen skirt or shorts. Or I’ll wear linen shorts, but what’s up top is never going to be linen. Which means I generally avoid linen dresses. If that’s not a concern for you, here is a collection of linen dresses. (The Cut) 

Dwyane Wade talked to Variety about his son Zion and their family supporting him at Miami Pride. He speaks as a loving father and an ally. I want to share this with everyone I know. (Variety)