Dear Gossips,

It’s Friday. And for me these last few weeks, as I’ve been saying the last couple of weeks, Fridays are both relief and high anxiety. Because my favourite series airs on the weekends and it becomes about how to kill the time until Netflix posts the new episodes and then holding myself back from watching them because I prefer to spend time with It’s Okay To Not Be Okay at night. 


Is it like that for you with certain shows/movies? It’s not that I don’t watch TV when the sun is up but there are certain stories where I need it not to be light outside. Like it feels more intimate, more private, even though I’m already in the intimate privacy of my bedroom no matter the time of day. 

I love this show so much that I’ve been scheming to get my friends to watch it. (And many of you too – my inbox is full of people emailing, pissed off that they’ve started on this torture. Well if I have to go through it, so do you!) So far this has worked on two people. With Nikki, who is the Key Makeup Artist on The Social, I told her it’s because I was getting a lot of makeup inspo from Seo Ye-ji’s character, Ko Moon-young. There’s a light sparkle peach tone dust that she wears under her eyes that is SO pretty. Nikki watched the first episode and was hooked. Back to the makeup though, Seo Ye-ji’s makeup artist is Maeng, who also does BLACKPINK’s makeup. I love it when my worlds come together. 


Anyway, here’s that eye look I’m talking about: 

For a more dramatic sparkle effect on the eyes, check out Jisoo’s eyes in this promo:


It’s more than just eyes though. Every shade of lip colour Seo Ye-ji has worn in every episode of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay has been life. Look. At. These. Lips. (It’s a carousel.) 

In case it’s not obvious, I’m obsessed with her or her character, I admit it’s all blurring together. But she’s quirky and sometimes unkind, she’s not likeable and she’s adorable, she can be cruel but she’s learning, learning to be brave, but also lashes out in fear because she’s hurt and she’s lonely but she’s capable of love – in other words, she’s complicated and interesting and my forever teen heart is imagining that he has to be falling in love with her in real time because I am and how could he not?! 

Anyway, last week I managed to hold off on watching until Sunday night and mainlined both new episodes back to back. This week I think I might watch one on Saturday, rewatch it five times until Sunday’s new episode, watch Sunday’s episode, and then watch them both back to back five times or more until next weekend. Please take this as a warning then, when it’s all over in three weeks, I am not going to be okay. I invite you to join me in this pain. 

Yours in gossip,