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It was reported recently that Princess Kate’s nickname for Charlotte is “Lottie”. My first reaction to that was… really? Like the Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh song? You people are probably too young to remember but it’s a f-cking CLASSIC. And for a long, long time I thought it was “Lottie Dottie, we like to party”. What? We didn’t have Genius back then, OK? Anyway, Prince William’s nickname for Charlotte is much more on brand. (Dlisted) 

Kevin Hart is terrified of rabbits. Rabbits? He thinks their eyes look possessed. I can’t see it. Rabbits are pretty f-cking cute, but I have often wondered about them as pets. Like do they want to hang out with you? Do they have strong personalities like cats and dogs? (Cele|bitchy) 

Obsessed with Sophie Turner’s outfit. Specifically the jeans. These are… say it with me everybody… MOM JEANS! I’m telling you, if you haven’t already, go get yourself a pair of mom jeans, they’re all over the place and they’re so f-cking comfortable. Also this is the perfect hair to go with the outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Well here’s a headline: “Is Elisabeth Moss dating Tom Cruise?” That’s an instant click from me. But this is also not a new rumour. Apparently, as Mike Redmond notes, the source publication has tried this rumour before – and it didn’t stick. That’s how lower tier tabloids work: they throw sh-t against the wall and hope that one works out. That said, to Mike’s point, the methodology is understandable. (Pajiba) 

There was a photo of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner from the Met Gala and I remember thinking at the time, hmmmm…how long is she going to be with her boyfriend for? Well that didn’t take long, although to be clear, Harry is nowhere near Cannes. (TMZ) 

I got married on a Friday. My ma consulted the Chinese zodiac and it was supposed to be a very lucky day – all the feng shui and energy were aligned in favour of a long-lasting marriage. By the way, I know someone who also consulted a feng shui master about their wedding date, ignored the advice, and the marriage fell apart 6 weeks later. Anyway, back in 2001, a Friday wedding was considered highly unusual. Now? Not so much. Now people getting married mid-week. Are you down for mid-week weddings? (The Atlantic) 

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