This is SO sad. And it speaks to the power that someone can have over you, how abusive it can be, how hard it is to escape from it, and how emotional abuse is just as devastating as physical abuse. R Kelly has been in prison for months. But even though he isn’t there, in person, controlling his two victims, they remain as bound to him as ever. So, somehow, the hold is still there. How do men like this get so good at this kind of evil mind work? And how do we make it stop? (Dlisted) 

Amy Schumer punked her trainer and sent a cease and desist for working her too hard. It’s a good joke and if your trainer is any good, you can probably relate? They’re not paid to make you comfortable, they’re paid to get you comfortable with being uncomfortable. Which I never will be so any time I work out with Hayley, I too want her to cease and desist. I also want to get her a watch that works properly because have you noticed? Trainers don’t know how to tell time. Their 30 seconds is closer to 45. (Cele|bitchy) 

OMG OMG OMG, I LOVE Yara Shahidi’s looks in the Pirelli calendar and I am obsessed with how she looks in this green Gucci dress – because it’s not usually a silhouette she goes for. That said the reason it’s not usually a silhouette that we see on her is because she’s also changing it up, trying all kinds of silhouettes and, well, all of them work for her. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I am blown away by my own stupidity all the time. The other day on live television, I was surprised during a cooking segment that you could put a wooden box in the oven. My reaction was that it would light on fire – and we were doing the segment with an actual FIREMAN. I’m the dumb c-nt who thinks that somehow wood can blow up in an oven. (Pajiba) 

James Corden had John Travolta on with My Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. My gift today was seeing Aaron take his shoes off before dancing. We’ve always known he can dance because he’s danced through music videos and Givenchy ads. But it’s more confirmation that, yes, he CAN dance. And it’s sexy as f-ck. (etalk)