On October 18th and 19th long-time reader Melanie will be participating in Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Night Without A Family, where she will spend 24 hours living, sleeping, eating and playing like a typical shelter dog. That means living in a kennel unless she's "taken out" for a play group or a potty break. She has committed to raise at least $5,000 for the shelter as part of this event. You can donate to the shelter directly here or click here to support Melanie’s drive. 

Haley! Happy Birthday! Congratulations on the new job – Kim and I are so proud of you. LOL me jamming myself in there like I’m one of your mom too. But we’ve been doing this for such a long time and now here you are, expanding your career, living on your own (how’s it been now, a year in your own place?), being the CEO of You. I’m thrilled for you. And thrilled that I can still say this to you. Have the best weekend!