Dear Gossips,

Let’s begin the week with some no-news: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were not on holiday together in the south of France. Coop was seen at lunch with Bono and some other friends in Provence the other day. The paps got shots of them, joined by a person wearing sunglasses and blonde hair and people started freaking out thinking it was Gaga. It was not Gaga. It was, in fact, the artist Guggi. But LOL at the “mistaken identity”.

Gaga, as we know, has a new boyfriend. She and Coop haven’t seen each other in months which, I know, is a f-cking buzzkill for those who are trying to force these two together in real life. The MTV VMAs are happening a week from now though. And “Shallow” is up for a couple of awards. 

“Shallow” has been one of the most successful songs of the last year but it’s up against THE most successful song of the last year, "Old Town Road". Can Gaga and Coop really win over Lil Nas X? On the plus side, MTV loves Gaga. On the down side, MTV is all about the now and not the then. It’s a two month attention span, tops. 

If you’re out there hoping against hope for Gaga and Coop to fall into the deep end, finally, and into each other’s arms, maybe it’ll happen at the VMAs? It’s your fantasy to pursue. 

Yours in gossip,