As mentioned in the previous post, Kensington Palace has released three official wedding portraits taken by Alexi Lubomirski at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Here’s a black and white shot of the royal couple sitting on some steps at Windsor Castle:

Not surprisingly, the style of this shot is similar to their engagement portraits. And unlike the kind of  wedding photos we usually get from the English royals. I like that they’re not being cheesy here, not smoldering into each other’s eyes. It was adorable in real time during the ceremony. It’s a different story when those moments are “posed”, you know? The reason, I think, that they chose this one in particular even though Meghan is smiling to the side is because Harry just looks so f-cking happy. Looking happy is not a British royal thing. They’re all about containment. There is no containing Harry’s delight here. 

When it comes to children though, well, delight is unpredictable. You have to take what you get when you get it:

We don’t have an exact equivalent of Grace van Cutsem covering her ears but this little girl is ready for a nap: 



I don’t blame her. It was a long day.

But look at those big smiles on Big G’s face! Look at him with his chin up, ready for the moment. It wasn’t looking like that earlier, after the ceremony, when he couldn’t be bothered to put anything into the wave – a lack of effort made that much more obvious by the fact that his sister was totally givin’er. 

Charlotte has become the performer of the family. From the moment those bridal party cars got to the castle, she was there to entertain the people. Look at this face!


Every time her mother bent down to tell her to turn around to wave to the crowd, she obliged, just as she did when her father told her the same when they went to visit Kate in the hospital after Louis was born. You know who isn’t great at waving on command? Big G, naturally. 


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