The full trailer for Bridgerton season two is here, and while there is lots of Newton being a Very Good Boy and Pall Mall and the black mallet of death, there is also a TON of longing looks, near-miss finger brushes, and Anthony’s “honor hanging by a thread”. The crux of it is that he intends to wed one Miss Edwina Sharma, but he cannot stop making googly eyes at her older sister, Miss Kate Sharma. It’s all very tense and repressed. And the complaints have already begun!


A defining feature of season one is obviously the sex scenes, but it’s not like they’re going to put that stuff in the trailer. Anthony’s naked at one point, and someone is having her clothes removed, but this is still a trailer, which is basically a commercial, and it’s got to meet standards and practices for release. That’s what “green band” and “red band” trailers are all about, and this is not a red band trailer.


But beyond that, one of the sexiest pieces of television in recent memory is Fleabag season two, which is VERY horny but has little actual sex. It’s all about the tension and the desire. The WANT. Our entertainment has become so sexless across the board that everyone gets horny for the littlest amount of skin-on-skin action, which is entirely understandable, I’m guilty of that, too. But in that, it’s easy to forget how sexy want is, and how delicious is the phase of a new relationship or intimate encounter when the desire is mutual but unfulfilled. The best sex I have is with the partner I see least. We go months, sometimes years between time we can make for one another, but when we do get together, it is always explosive BECAUSE of that repression. All that want has to go somewhere, eventually, which is, of course, what Fleabag understands and what Bridgerton season two, which is apparently more about forbidden desire and restraint, also understands. 


I will add this, though, just as a caution, for Bridgerton and every other piece of entertainment made during the pandemic with COVID protocols in place on set. I have heard numerous stories from several productions about the challenges of filming close-contact scenes—primarily fight scenes and intimate scenes—with the safety protocols in place. It’s not that people weren’t fully committed to following the guidelines and protecting themselves and their fellow cast and crew members. It’s just that these sequences almost always resulted in production delays, which just made things even harder than they already were, and some productions looked for ways to, er, ease the burden. Bridgerton season two had a lot of shutdowns. Which I don’t take to mean there are, in fact, a ton of sex scenes not featured in the trailer. But more that filming during COVID is a challenge, and many productions come out with tangible effects, such as missing plot points (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), or the kind of stylistic and tone changes that make you go, “Something is off.” It’s a rare pandemic production I’ve seen that doesn’t, in one way or another, feel like a “pandemic production”. Could Bridgerton’s graphic sex scenes be yet another victim of pandemic caution?