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As Maria mentioned yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, going by the celebrity turnout at the Balenciaga show in LA on Saturday, it’s OK in Hollywood not to be mad at Balenciaga anymore. There were so many stars in the front row, and there was a big star on the runway: Cardi B making her catwalk debut. 


It was a big moment for her…and you know who missed it? Offset. That should have been a sign. Because now it turns out, they’ve unfollowed each other on Instagram. And yesterday Cardi posted some cryptic messages in stories which, I’m assuming, is what prompted people to go looking to see if she and Offset were still following each other. 

Cardi B's Instagram story
Cardi B's Instagram story

We’ve been here before. A few times. And each of those previous times, which usually involved Offset’s infidelity, after some kind of grand gesture, Cardi changed her mind. The last serious, and public, fallout was back in 2020 when Cardi filed for divorce and then called it off after a few weeks. But this past summer, Offset openly accused Cardi of cheating, and she just as openly told him to chill the f-ck out, which is when she dropped her classic “regular degular schmegular” line in explaining how she’s too famous to be able to step out on her marriage. They seemed fine a couple of months ago on her birthday. But it has been a few weeks since they’ve been seen together. And now this.

Cardi and Offset are both just 31, together for most of their 20s. Given the turmoil through their relationship, and the trauma they’ve both experienced, I don’t know that anyone expected them to last this long. On top of that, Cardi and Offset were pretty much already a thing when she hit superstardom. She’s never been this famous and single. Reading those stories she just posted on IG, I wonder if she’s wondering what that might be like. 

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