Sasha did not care about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding…until she did. And she was desperate to talk about it on this week’s episode of Sasha Answers. Because she doesn’t think Meghan showed enough emotion. I disagree but she will not change her mind. We also get into advice about dicks, work, and bras. 

I’m trying to decide whether or not I would have laughed at this video if I’d seen it without Michael K’s commentary. The commentary, as is always the case from Michael K, is gold. But also, this video is pretty … outrageous. Like by the time the car leaves the parking lot and starts going down the road, I am in tears. Does this make me a terrible person? Because I’m not enjoying it. It’s just that the whole thing is just so absurd! (Dlisted) 

YES. I am feeling all of Olivia Munn’s patterns here. Each and every one, on top and on the bottom. I would wear this outfit. I want to wear this outfit. But I would wear with different shoes. The shoes are so boring here, what happened? (Go Fug Yourself)

Do you always wear mascara? Would you consider not wearing mascara this summer? I wear mascara but it does nothing for me. I look the same, mascara or not. The only reason I wear mascara is because it’s waterproof and it acts likes an extra level of defence for my waterproof eyeliner. Because mascara only works for people who actually have eyelashes. You people are lucky. (Cele|bitchy) 

How savage are you? I am definitely not savage enough to have had a crush on my friend’s father. Then again, I’ve never had a friend with a hot father, have you? My savageness score was 23 out of 34 which means me savage but not to the highest level. (Buzzfeed) 

Um, f-ck yeah, what took you so long? Prairie dresses are the sh-t. I wear a prairie dress at least once a week on The Social. LOVE THEM so much. (The Cut) 

OHHHHH YES. This is what I’m reading tonight before bed. The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actress Roundtable. And look who’s there – SANDRA OH. SANDRA OH. SANDRA OH. SANDRO. Sandra f-cking Oh! Which means… Killing Eve will be contending for some Emmy nominations. Which means Sandra Oh might be back at the Emmys. Am totally pitching this for Show Your Work this week. (The Hollywood Reporter)