That’s what Olivia Colman called them when she was accepting her award for Best Actress Drama last night at the Golden Globes: Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are her “bitches”, with much more affection than how Chrissy Metz allegedly referred to Alison Brie, a situation that Duana has already solved – no crime was committed. 

Have you seen The Favourite? God I hope you have or do. It’s so good, so funny, so sharp, and they are dirrrrrty as f-ck to each other, which is less a statement about woman-on-woman crime as it is about power and security what happens to women when they are excluded from and deprived of both and/or either. These women compete against each other, exploit one another, and they also break each other, out of love and hate and self-preservation, so it takes a certain closeness and trust to be play these roles, to be able to go to those places in character, all three of them. That bond was on display last night. Olivia adores Emma and Rachel. Emma and Rachel adore Olivia, and all other combinations. Last night was the first of many award shows where we’ll see this friendship play out. I can’t wait. 

But that’s not reason Emma was making headlines. This is why she’s making headlines: 

Emma confirmed to the LA Times that that was indeed her shouting out “I’m sorry!”

“It wasn't like I planned it, but I did say it.”

And she’s apologised for it before. In an interview in 2015, Emma said of the Aloha experience

“I’ve become the butt of many jokes. I’ve learned on a macro level about the insane history of whitewashing in Hollywood and how prevalent the problem truly is. It’s ignited a conversation that’s very important.”

You know what she didn’t do? 

She didn’t stomp off because “I already said sorry a long time ago and I told you I changed and stop pulling up old sh-t about me!”, Kevin Hart. And that’s probably why Emma won’t have to keep eating it, because she’s showing that she’ll keep on eating it for as long as she has to. 

What’s even better though is Sandra’s reaction. The way she puts her hands to her chest, almost patronisingly. Some are saying it’s the “bless your heart” gesture. Or “that’s amazing for you”, from this tweet that went viral last week that our friend Lorella sent to Duana and me and if you haven’t already… it’s so GOOD. 

Picturing Jennifer Garner saying, “That’s amazing for you” is going to get me through some dark days. 

Now about the fashion – Emma is of course wearing Louis Vuitton. I probably like it more than you because this is my whole sh-t: high collar, long sleeves, bloused waist, relaxed fit. It took 800 hours to make and you can tell – it’s exquisite. It’s exactly what I wanted from Emma Stone at the Golden Globes.  

We are probably also going to disagree about Rachel’s dress, the white flouncy ruffle layered on top of a black column. It’s a yes for me, which shocked Duana, and then she said that Brenda’s (and Kelly’s) prom dress on 90201 was better. 

FINE, but that doesn’t mean Rachel’s isn’t good. It’s good! It’s pretty! It’s playful! Also… comfortable. Nobody has to worry about angles in this dress. It doesn’t require breathing exercises and good posture. How can you hate it?