The Crown season 3 drops this Sunday on Netflix. Early reviews are really good. It’s not like I expect a drop in quality, not from one of the most lavish and meticulously crafted dramas on television. I just wonder whether or not the issues currently surrounding the real Windsors will have any effect on the fake Windsors. The Crown is dropping as drama continues to rage around the Windsors, and House Sussex is still unfairly targeted to a frankly disturbing degree, and Prince Andrew is still friends with a dead rapist pedophile, as Lainey says. Maybe the problems of a previous generation will seem quaint and charming by comparison. Or maybe we’ll just be reminded that the royal family are and always have been complete drama llamas.

The premiere of season three was last night, showing off the new cast of the older, no wiser Windsors. I love that Olivia Colman’s dress has a finger loop, we should bring back finger loops on trains. And Helena Bonham Carter is doing Plumette cosplay, naturally. But my favorite is Erin Doherty, who plays now-grown Princess Anne. That red dress is just the right combination of classic and edgy for an actor playing a royal during their hip young phase. And her expression is pure Princess Royal, so imperious and slightly peeved to be seen by peasants. Anne always looks a little bit annoyed when confronted by anything other than another royal or a horse. The Crown is apparently going to dig into the love triangle between Anne, Camilla, and Andrew Parker-Bowles. Is it common gossip anymore that Anne boned Camilla’s husband while Camilla was boning Anne’s brother? Honestly, the turnip drama has nothing on Anne and Charles’ generation. If gossip blogs had been around in the 1970s, they’d have been all over the carrot crew. I bet Princess Anne hears the gossip about the turnip toffs and sips her tea quietly, a thin, knowing smile on her lips. And then she sets off to solve a mystery, because I imagine Anne is Always Suspicious and solving mysteries wherever she goes.