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Olivia De Havilland turned 101 on July 1st. To celebrate her birthday, she announced on Friday that she’s suing FX and Ryan Murphy over how she was portrayed on Feud. Back in April, a few weeks after the show premiered, The Hollywood Reporter asked Ms De Havilland for her thoughts on the series. At the time, she sent back a deliciously dismissive email claiming she hadn’t seen it and that, basically, she had no time for it, and that she was too elegant to engage in Girl Sh-t anyway.

Evidently Ms De Havilland has found the time to watch Feud and is now taking exception to how the show used her name and likeness in fabricated interviews, suggesting that she was pearls-deep into the Girl Sh-t that was happening between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Vulture has a thorough breakdown of the best parts of the lawsuit but just know that this is not your standard legal document. This is a legal document worthy of Olivia De Havilland, “living legend” and iconic beauty. Which is why her representatives take the time to remind the defendants of her legacy, her reputation, her talent, her beauty – but of course her beauty – and her grace. In short, she is too gracious and graceful to have ever spoken in the way that the show claims she would have spoken and gossiped…even though, in her words, as relayed by her attorney, she does indeed know a “considerable amount” of gossip. And, you’ll recall, her feud with her sister, Joan Fontaine, is in the Girl Sh-t Hall Of Fame. 

That’s how you do Girl Sh-t, old school styles. You sue…and you tease. But you never forget. Like Gina Lollobrigida who’s also giving us some old school Girl Sh-t.

Gina turned 90 yesterday and she was celebrated in Rome where they put up a sculpture in her honour. When asked during an interview about the classic Girl Sh-t that went down between her and Sophia Loren, this is how Gina responded

"I was not looking for any rivalry against anyone: I was the #1.”

I was the #1…


Right. But #1 in what?

Well, back in the day, they both wanted to be #1 in tits (Sophia said she was “bustier” than Gina) and then Gina clapped back by declaring that Sophia “could play a peasant, but never a lady”.

Also, as Gina specifies:

"I succeeded only thanks to myself, without any producer supporting me. I did everything alone."

That’s a reference to Sophia’s husband, producer Carlos Ponti who Gina says not only made Sophia but also had a hand in making up the feud to begin with, because Sophia needed the publicity. So she’s pretty much saying that not only was she always #1, she’s also responsible for creating the #2, her follower, Sophia Loren.

Olivia De Havilland, 101, and Gina Lollobrigida, 90, proving that Girl Sh-t doesn’t age.

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