This is not an outfit from the earlier 2000s although it could easily be mistaken for one because this outfit is pure 2003, which, by the way, was the year Olivia Rodrigo was born so for her it really is vintage to throwback to the looks from that era. Tube top and low rise with a bootcut… which looks fine on her because she can wear just about anything but please let this be a quick flash rewind trend. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Larsa Pippen is dating Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus. The Pippen in Larsa’s name, if you’re unaware, is from her marriage to Scottie Pippen, who of course was Robin to Jordan’s Batman, perhaps the most storied duo in basketball history. MJ and Scottie are not on good terms. You’d know this, probably, if you’ve seen The Last Dance. Scottie felt like he was shortchanged in the series. And if you watched The Last Dance, you probably also know about MJ and… how petty he can be. I mean he’s a legend, but he can still be petty. So the fact that Larsa is saying that MJ approves of her relationship with Marcus – I mean there are all kinds of ways you can read that. (Dlisted)

Artists keep turning down invitations from King Charles and Buckingham Palace to perform at the coronation which kinda reminds me of all the artists who said nope to Trump for his inauguration. Charles isn’t Trump, I know, I’m just saying the declines feel similar. (Cele|bitchy)  

Joshua Jackson in real life is a delight. But Joshua Jackson can also, onscreen, be a sleaze. And he is in full sleaze mode here. (Pajiba) 

I never tried the Double Down at KFC when it was first introduced in 2010, not because I’m not down with two pieces of fried chicken, no bread, with some cheese in between. That actually sounds amazing. It’s just that I don’t like eating without utensils, and the Double Down just sounds like a greasy mess. If I could bring it home, still warm, and go at it with a knife and fork? Of course. (Eater)