Here’s Olivia Wilde arriving in LA the other day. Doesn’t seem like she has much baggage so it’s not clear if this is her first time back or if she’s been back already and left again and returned but we do know she was living in London for a few months in the winter and spring, for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, Jason Sudeikis was shooting the second season of Ted Lasso in the UK during that time, and she would have been there so that their children could be close to both their parents. Interesting art sort of imitates life kind of thing where the Ted Lasso storyline is concerned. 


As Sarah just wrote though, Ted Lasso season two is coming soon – July 23 – and Jason is back in the US, he was seen in New York a few days ago, which brings me to the second reason Olivia was in London, which is Harry Styles. Harry however was in Venice last week working on his movie (a few photos are attached) and given that Jason has wrapped on Ted Lasso, for now, it would make sense for Olivia to return home to LA for the summer, where presumably Harry will join her once he’s done with his film since he spends so much time there, it’s basically a second home. 

After those early weeks in January, when news about their relationship first broke and they were photographed holding hands at that wedding and hanging out at each other’s homes, there’s been almost no gossip about Olivia and Harry’s relationship, other than the fact that it’s still ongoing. She and Jason also managed to shut down all the speculation about whether or not he was blindsided, pulling back from further source quotes placed in PEOPLE and other publications about how he always thought their separation was temporary. In not giving the story any air, it eventually receded into the background so both Jason and Olivia have been able to carry on with their respective new hookups (he’s rumoured to be spending time with Keeley Hazell) pretty much undisturbed.

Wonder if that changes back in LA though and with LA eyeballs  all over the place, especially once Harry finishes his movie. As we’ve seen, summer can do strange things to celebrities. Or, you know, they can just continue with their private lives on lock and enjoy this summer of Bennifer like the rest of us.