A reader called Andrea wrote earlier today and noted the following:

“Shelfy took it too far in the nose job, approaching MJ territory.”

Then I happened to check the photo agencies and came across these two close shots of Jessica Biel’s face as she was signing autographs at Radio 1 in London today, still on promotion for The A-Team, and, well, we should discuss Andrea’s observation, non? That is indeed some serious nasal upturning.

A quick google search proves that this conversation is not a new one – people have been speculating about her nose for a long time with before and after photos that are supposed to prove the fakery. I’ve never really been convinced. But these new images, I guess it’s the angle, something about it could smell unnatural, I guess, but not so obviously in a Granny Freeze Kidman way, which means if Shelfy had the work, the work was done very, very well.

Agree or disagree?

Photos from Wenn.com