Rihanna is, once again, not letting her bump get in the way of her Fashion. She’s in her “raciest maternity look” at Paris Fashion Week, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, she’s telling off impudent reporters. This kid is going to be fabulous, aren’t they? (ELLE)


There are so many stories of heroism and moments of courage emerging every day from Ukraine as Ukrainians continue to defend their home against invasion. Among this, President Volodymir Zelensky continues to be a not just a figurehead of state, but a real leader on the ground. He signed a (second) application for Ukraine to join the EU from the damn battlefield. History has its eyes on him, and he is standing tall, like a sunflower. (Celebitchy)

Boy sh-t, sub-category: balding sh-t. Matthew McConaughey is challenging a doctor who claims to have performed a hair transplant for him. He said/he said, battle it out boys! Also, as pointed out here, you can go back and watch McConaughey’s older movies and, er, the hairline has shifted. (DListed)

Gucci is in collaboration with Adidas, and the first looks were included in the Gucci fall fashion show. It’s very “sport, but make it FASHION”, but I think the Gen Z celebs are going to for this, right? Adidas tees under slouchy suits? Adidas corsets on gowns? Zendaya is wearing some of that, for sure. (Go Fug Yourself)

A curious happening in the world of TV. A documentary about Larry David was scheduled to air on HBO tonight, but it has been pulled at the last second because David, apparently, “wants to do it in front of an audience”. Like, Friends reunion style? Fine, okay, but there are no details about when this will happen and when the doc will air instead. So…Larry David kinda cancelled his own documentary. The definition of a weird flex. (Pajiba)