Met Gala is done for now. Heads up for tomorrow – supposedly we’re getting our first look at Baby Sussex and we’ll find out his name. I’m telling you, this child’s celebrity timing! He’s born to start the week. He takes a break to let the Met Gala frenzy die down and by morning, once again, he’ll be front and centre. That’s a note for everyone in Hollywood too – if you have any bad news you want to bury, send it out as soon as Baby Sussex premieres makes his world debut. No one will be paying attention to anything else. I have a last minute name to add to my prediction list. Previously I predicted that a boy would be named Frederick or Martin. Now adding Desmond to that list. In fact, my prediction order is as follows: Desmond, Martin, Frederick. 

The nerve of this f-cking guy. It’s that loser Wendy Williams has been married to. He wants her money. Not unlike what Mary J Blige’s ex did to you – after doing her dirty. (Dlisted) 

We quite liked Regina Hall and Ashley Graham in Dapper Dan for Gucci last night at the Met Gala but compared so some of the other looks that we’ve covered today, they didn’t make the short list. The armoured bust on Regina, with the bee, is amazing though, like a Union Jack for the United Kingdom of Beyoncé. And this was probably Ashley’s best Met showing. (Cele|bitchy) 

Remember how I was into all that tulle on the Met Gala pink carpet? Well, my point was that the Met Gala Camp was the only place tulle was acceptable. See the different it makes at a difference event. This tulle, this colour, on Eve, doesn’t work quite the same way. (Go Fug Yourself) 

EL James, the author of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, wants to write a gay romance. She also has some thoughts on the movie – including the fact that she seems to prefer the second and the third movies to the first movie, which was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and was the best (best being a relative in this case) in the series, by far. I actually made it through the first movie, I don’t think I could finish the second and third. And I will never stop complaining about the fact that we never get to see HIM finish (I don’t think) in any of them. (Pajiba) 

You know that coffee cup situation on Game of Thrones? It’s apparently no longer a situation – HBO has digitally removed it from the episode which means if you recorded it that night, you have a copy of an original, if that kind of sh-t matters to you. Probably in 20 years it’ll be worth something. I like the tweet that they sent out about it, although Daenerys doesn’t strike me as the tea-drinking type. (TMZ) 

Princess Kate wore a really great pair of pants today as she and Prince William stepped out for The King’s Cup. They also answered questions about Baby Sussex. William made a dad joke and Kate talked about babies in springtime. Apparently even they don’t know the name yet. (Harper's Bazaar)