Billie Eilish has many talents. One of them seems to be that she knows what’s happening in a crowd when she’s performing – and it is a skill, because while I don’t perform on stage at concerts in front of thousands of people, I have been on a stage in front of a small audience while doing a talk show and there’s so much going on between the cameras and the prompters and the cues and the conversation, I don’t know if I notice much beyond that, but she does, while singing and dancing, she somehow manages to hone in on a person in need. Maybe you’re not impressed but I am. (Dlisted)


Prince Charles’s cash-for-honours scandal has yet to be resolved. But it turns out that Prince Harry could see it coming and removed himself from the potential of a compromising situation. (Cele|bitchy) 

The FUG Girls are marking the 10th anniversary of Ashanti’s Vagina Sling dress which, if you haven’t seen it before features like a pageant sash except that instead of placing it across the chest, it’s placed, well, where the unofficial name of the dress suggests. I don’t know if I was all that scandalised then and I’m still not that scandalised now. (Go Fug Yourself) 

My dilemma is that I’m supposed to cover pop culture and whatever Jordan Peele does is pop culture, except everything Jordan Peele does is scary, and I don’t f-ck with scary. So now he may be giving more clues about his next movie, Nope, and even though it’s a giant nope for me, especially now, even more so now, I’m like… how am I going to get around this? (Pajiba) 

Are you into colouring when you dine out? Eater is suggesting that this should be an option – and not just for kids, but for adults. I think I’ll pass on this. And the reason: I hate the smell of crayons. I do, however, like the smell of markers. But not when I eat. (Eater)