Dakota Johnson was not the best host on SNL last weekend, but she’s already moved on, to London, specifically, where the Madame Web press tour kicked off yesterday. She was there (in Versace) with director SJ Clarkson and co-star Tahar Rahim. 


None of the Spider-Women featured in the film have popped up yet, most notably Sydney Sweeney, who is shooting Ron Howard’s upcoming film, Eden. Nor is Adam Scott, who plays (Uncle) Ben Parker, available as he just went back to work on Severance season two. Dakota Johnson doesn’t need the assist, though, she’s a one-woman press wrecking crew.  


Exhibit A is this video of Dakota talking about how Madame Web is “grounded in reality”:


Exhibit B is this interview in which she says filming Madame Web was “absolutely psychotic” and she “doesn’t know if it will be good at all”. It’s grounded in reality but also completely crazy because the lead actor had no clue what she was doing amidst all the blue screen. Sounds like a superhero movie to me.


It is true, though, that superhero movies take huge acts of trust to pull off. Actors really have to believe in the vision for the film, and trust the director knows what they’re doing, because nothing in filmmaking looks as dumb on set as a superhero movie. So, maybe it’s reassuring that Dakota “trusted [Clarkson] so much” while making the film. I mean, I’m not holding my breath, but if there was that kind of bond between actor and director, maybe it won’t be a total disaster? That’s my bar for this film—not a total disaster.

As for Dakota, I’m with Lainey, she is very hot. She is so hot that even though I am universally against bangs, I am super into her look in London. I love the cropped tuxedo jacket, though the rest of the ensemble screams “temping at an insurance agency on summer vacation”. 


Still, she makes it work.