We were told this morning on an embargo until they arrived that Oprah would be showing up. There have been rumours that Oprah is doing an interview with Doria Ragland. Those rumours haven’t been confirmed but, clearly, there’s some kind of relationship. 

Note Oprah and Idris’s arrival time. It’s early. They’re inside talking right now. And it’s a warm day. It was cool in the chapel when I went through there this morning but it wasn’t packed with hundreds of people either. Most of the guests are sitting in the outer part of the church. There are screens set up along the outside aisles because they won’t be able to see what’s happening in the inner chamber, I think it’s called the choir. When in the presence of British royals, is Oprah inside chamber or outside chamber? I only saw the seating plan for the front-most seats in the house, where actual seating was labelled. Oprah’s name wasn’t visible in the first few spots.