Canada! There’s still time to vote if you’re reading this when I’m posting it. And you don’t need to be registered – you can register at your polling station. GO VOTE! 

Oprah took a selfie with a fan who had a cracked phone screen. And she pointed out that he had a cracked phone. LOL at her face looking at her own face through his cracked phone. Also Oprah, like Paul Rudd and Rob Lowe, doesn’t age, seriously. Obviously Oprah has no trouble getting people new phones. Can you imagine how many new iPhones she’d be giving away if her show was still on? My biggest takeaway here though is how much money Oprah makes in an hour. Basically more than two months’ salary, or what they used to say you should spend on an engagement ring. (Dlisted) 

I don’t know why I just watched this video. I’m already stressed from the election in Canada. And for some reason, I just had to hit “play” to see a dude base-jump into fog. Even before I started, I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. Then I thought about jumping off the soul mountain in Avengers in exchange for the soul stone. And they say Marvel movies aren’t relevant! (Pajiba)

There was another wedding this weekend: Rafael Nadal married his longtime girlfriend Xisca Perello. I mean, for as long as Xisca’s been in the picture that’s what she’s been known as…even though they’re now referring to her as Mery? For all the extravagance of the wedding, Xisca wore a pretty simple dress. Which is totally on brand for her. She’s never thirsted for the spotlight. He’s actually peacocking more than she is in these portraits. (Cele|bitchy) 

I feel like Camila Cabello really likes chokers. Am I making this up? I don’t mind the choker here. And I don’t mind the dress. The dress is actually cute. I don’t however understand the boots. Also not sure about the bangs. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Coldplay hasn’t released an album in a while. And now they’re coming out with a double album. They made the announcement by sending out a letter. So we’re dipping into the nostalgia thing two years into the trend, OK. Here’s something nostalgic: remember when Jennifer Lawrence dated Chris Martin? (JustJared)