Can we call Orlando Bloom an official member of the Wolf Pack now? Here’s Orly, with Alpha Wolf Leonardo DiCaprio and Beta-Plus Wolf Tobey Maguire, and some other career wolves, hanging out in New York yesterday. Leo was also seen the other day, with the pack, and Jennifer Meyer, spending time with the Meyer-Maguire kids too. On those days, Alpha Wolf becomes Uncle Leo and hunting season is temporarily put on pause. Without the kids though, well, the Wolf Pack is back on search? For what? Please.

There is work to be done. Earlier this week, one of Leo’s own was only awarded a silver medal in f-cking Katy Perry. This is unacceptable. All member wolves of The Revenant Wolf Pack must be gold medal quality f-ckers. If one wolf’s f-cking comes up short, it reflects poorly on the overall f-cking of all the other f-cker wolves. Redemption, then, must be swift (no pun intended, but if it happens that way, that works really great too). It’s summertime in the city. It’s model time all the time everywhere. Line them up from the Hamptons to Brooklyn and back into Manhattan – the wolves are ready to f-ck their way back to gold.