Sarah just posted about Sebastian Stan and how she was all about him before anyone else was – and by anyone else she means Kathleen and me. OK but… I don’t think I’m all about Sebastian Stan? Bucky’s OK now that his hair isn’t a mess but I’m not into my feelings over him the way I am with Oscar Isaac

Oscar is in Hawaii shooting Triple Frontier with Charlie Hunnam. 

Please. Prepare yourselves before you open up these photos. 

Look at these two. In their henleys and their khakis and their facial hair and those jawlines and the smoldering stares into the distance. Also they both have hot gaits. Gait is so important. Why isn’t gait MORE important? This is why Leonardo DiCaprio has always been a problem for me. He has a sh-tty gait. Don’t you people care about gait?!? Oscar and Charlie have hot gait. 

So nobody’s thinking about Sebastian Stan anymore, SARAH.

OK but seriously. Can the movie just be two hours of this scene? Of Oscar and Charlie striding across a bridge and glaring into the distance? Sure, throw some Garrett Hedlund in there if you want to since he’s in the movie too. I can’t remember if he has hot gait though.