Dear Gossips, 

I went grocery shopping yesterday and when I was in the baking aisle, Paula Cole’s I Don’t Want To Wait, aka the Dawson’s Creek theme song, came on. And, as you know, Entertainment Weekly had just released their Dawson’s Creek reunion issue. (Just for fun, let’s fight about which season’s opening credits are the best. For me it’s Season 2 because Pacey/Joshua Jackson does that little shimmy while he’s wearing that too-big red sweater. They all wore big sweaters, exclusively, through that entire series. I miss those sweaters. Watch it back here). It felt like… more than a coincidence. So I posted it to my IG story. And then after seeing it, a reader called Amy reminded me of The Globe And Mail’s article last month about The University Of Guelph’s supermarket research lab - they’re studying consumer habits at the grocery store and how everything, from the displays to the colours, the entire experience, affects how you shop, including the music that’s played at the store. Women in their 30s and 40s will apparently buy more when they hear 90s music, like soft pop. Is it the nostalgia? I did not buy more because I had a list, and I generally stick to my list. But…

My list was for what I’m making tomorrow night, for Good Friday, which is lobster mac and cheese because Jacek doesn’t eat meat on Good Friday, and the cake and biscuits I’m baking for his birthday on Sunday. When I was pulling out of the parking lot, however, I decided I would also make him a short rib dinner on Saturday night, which means there’s now a new grocery list and I’m going back to the grocery store after work tonight. Sh-t, is this all because I heard the Dawson’s Creek theme song? 

Let me play you a Spanish song to take you into the long weekend. Many of you emailed and tweeted this at me yesterday – Lin-Manuel Miranda’s retweet of an Oscar Isaac video and he’s singing in Spanish. 

Remember, I Saw Him First

Unless something major breaks, like Beyonce and her Biter hold a joint press conference, we are dark tomorrow as Good Friday is a statutory holiday in Canada. Back on Monday to regular gossip schedule. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,