I was just saying in yesterday’s open that I was hoping to see a red carpet premiere for The Brothers Sun and it happened last night. 


Here they are, the Sun brothers, Bruce and Charles, played by Sam Song Li and Justin Chien, at the biggest night in their professional careers so far. 

Sam Song Li and Justin Chien attend Netflix's "The Brothers Sun" Los Angeles Premiere at Netflix Tudum Theater on January 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California

They’re cute, right? I especially like Sam’s cropped suit jacket that, the way it looks like it’s been intentionally bustled at the hem to create a slight peplum effect – peplum on dudes! We need more of this!

The star of The Brothers Sun, of course, is their mother, played by the one-and-only, Michelle Yeoh. Duana’s been in LA this week and yesterday morning she texted this to me: 

Text from Duana 

A few hours later…


She is SO adorable, I love her so much. And once upon a time, when I was deep in my Gwyneth Paltrow delusion, I would have exploded over this photo of Michelle and Gwyneth side by side, two Oscar winners: 

Michelle Yeoh and Gwyneth Paltrow attend the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "The Brothers Sun" at Netflix Tudum Theater on January 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California

Now, all these years later, my first reaction is… petty. And I’ll channel that into something positive. Please remember that sun protection is important. We Asian women have been mocked in the west for our ridiculously oversized mom visors but look at Michelle’s skin in this video with her new grandbaby. 

Our Asian mas and grandmas might look silly with those visors but their skin is always amazing! 

PS: If you’re wondering why Gwyneth was there, Brad Falchuk is the co-showrunner of The Brothers Sun along with Byron Wu.