Dear Gossips,

The iHeart Living Room Concert for America was not live. That is, they weren’t throwing from one performer to another in real time. The performances, though, did indeed take place at each of the artists’ homes, and some were more candid than others. During Tim McGraw’s, for example, you could actually hear the wind, as he shot his outside, by the pool. And Billie Joe Armstrong’s dog(s) kept distracting him. 

Speaking of wind though…

Did you see a slight breeze when Mimi was singing? Mimi, disappointingly, did not come to us from her bathtub. She was in her home studio, where the acoustics must be first class, and she sounded amazing – several weeks of voice rest helps with that, I’m sure. Every note was perfect. 

And… so was the gentle draft that, now and again, would move the hair around her forehead and chin. Our Elusive Butterfly Chanteuse had a wind machine set on low in there – OF COURSE SHE DID. 

These are the details, this is the amazingness, that not even a global pandemic can shut down. 


As mentioned in this space on Friday, it was Mimi’s birthday, maybe possibly her 50th, though she’ll never tell us. Mimi’s birthday in isolation seemed pretty low-key. She said she’s working on a new song and even posted a photo of herself without any makeup on. (This is her version of not wearing makeup.)


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She put the hair on and let the girls out later though to blow out the candles on her birthday cake(s). 


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Please note Monroe’s t-shirt. God I love her so much. 

Yours in gossip,