This is how the kids on social media refer to their favourite couples. “Look at our parents – they’re so cute!” Since Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are older than me, I feel like I can do this with them, lol. 


Daniel and Rachel were among the many celebrities at Wimbledon yesterday for the men’s final and as you can see, they look amazing. His suits, of course, are always impeccably tailored but the his and her suits?! Even GQ referred to them as our parents.


It’s the perfect shade of off-white over the true white shirt and the collar buttoned all the way up on her and fastened with a pin. It’s the way she sometimes wore the jacket over the shoulders. It’s the satin tuxedo strip down the leg of the trousers. It’s the two of them discreetly holding hands. And, of course, it’s the fact that it’s been years!

Our parents are not here for fan service. They don’t feel the need to provide reassurance about their relationship. They basically want us to forget that they’re married – until they show up five years later to remind us, because I’m pretty sure that’s the last time they showed up at an official event together. If you count Wimbledon as an official event. I mean it’s definitely official, but it’s not like they were working, it’s not like they posed at the photo wall. And speaking of photos, they’re almost never papped. So this really was a gift from the parents. Who will probably make us wait another five years.