Anne Hathaway stepped out last night at the Broadway opening of Sea Wall/A Life presumably to support her friend Jake Gyllenhaal. I know it was the thing to sh-t on Love and Other Drugs but I was really into that movie, probably because I appreciate (#MeToo-free) love scenes in movies. 

Anyway, Annie announced recently that she and her husband Adam Shulman are expecting their second child. This was her first red carpet appearance since that announcement. And she looks amazing in this dress – not a dress that’s my usual jam, what with all the cutouts etc. It’s still not my jam, as in I would never wear it, but the high collar on the design is exactly the right decision and the colour – she should wear this colour all day all the time. It’s glorious on her, especially against her rich, dark brown hair, lightly blown out with the extra-long fringe and the middle part. It’s “that haircut” only grown out and there’s a sexy, Charlie’s Angels Jaclyn Smith vibe to it that I’m super into…as all the millennials say…whooooo?! Look her up, GOD! Also… middle part FTW! 

This is custom Brandon Maxwell – but check out the label:


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I love monograms and personalised labels so this is all up in my sh-t. If I had the time, energy, and money, I would have a label added with my name to all my clothes.