Holy sh-t, how long has it been since we’ve had an Outfit of the Week? I mean for eight months celebrities may have had access to outfits but nowhere to go. Premieres don’t really happen anymore or red carpets, unless, um, you’re the CMA Awards. 


But one of the most highly anticipated Netflix premieres his happening this Sunday, November 15: season four of The Crown. This is when Diana enters the narrative. This is probably what we’ll all be talking about on by Sunday at noon and through next week. 

There was no in-person premiere for S4 of The Crown so instead, the stars did their premieres at home. 

 And the OOTW belongs to Emma Corrin because holy sh-t, this custom Miu Miu is fire and ice and bombs and all of it and everything.


God I love it so much. I love the print. I love the colour – not personally but the colour because of how it matches with who Emma is playing: Diana, of course, wore a LOT of baby blue. So there’s your nod, perhaps, to the inspiration…and it has a throwback vintage vibe as well as a contemporary energy. I also like the changes they made in production from the original sketch of the design (the third shot in the carousel above). You’ll note that they added skirt-ish panel to go around the hips, and the leggings extend to wrap around the whole foot instead of stopping at the ankle so it reads more like tights. It’s the perfect decision. 

You know who would have loved this outfit? Beth Harmon, of The Queen’s Gambit. OMG the way Beth’s wardrobe built and built and then climaxed in the final episode in Russia… 

I was having spasms every two minutes when she showed up for each match in something better than the last. Beth would have been all over this fit.