Who else would it be? 

Hustlers opens today – are you seeing it? Tonight? This weekend? As I mentioned earlier this week in my post about how Jennifer Lopez should be an Oscar contender for this film, I was trying to decide whether to post my review of Hustlers today or on Monday, after more of you have had a chance to go. Because I want to get specific about certain scenes, about what it’s trying to say, and I can’t do that without spoiling it. So hopefully you'll get to it and share your thoughts and I can share my thoughts and we can unpack the film and give it the deep dive that it deserves – it definitely deserves a deep dive.  

Until then, JLo wore the Outfit of the Week. She wore a LOT of outfits this week as she was out here promoting the movie. My favourite is the denim on denim on denim situation she gave us at the New York premiere. This is SO classically her. It’s a throwback to herself….with a 2019 update. That hair? Signature JLo hair, half back. She’s going to be able to throw down a denim bustier until the day she dies. The clear plastic shoes? A tribute to her own image and to the character she plays in the movie: Ramona, big sister stripper. What elevates all of it is the pants! THESE PANTS! These are drop crotch ankle cut, possibly coveralls worn flap down to frame the waist, like the extreme version of the Tom Ford pants on Gigi Hadid (and later Taylor Swift) from a couple of years ago that I was so obsessed with, I got them in army green. The pants have been JLo-ed. JLo-ed so good. In my opinion, her best outfit of the year – although, if it all works out in her favour, we’ll be seeing many, many, many more outfits. 

Before we go though, an honourable mention to Heidi Klum, because while this was not the best outfit of the week, it was maybe the most surprising as…it didn’t suck. For who she is, Heidi makes shockingly bad choices on the red carpet. This orange cape dress with the high collar and the slit, however, was actually pretty good. Not all that imaginative with the clutch or the shoes, but the dress on her is unimpeachable.