Let’s start with the dress – suuuuch a good dress with all those different shades of colours blending into each other, all of it anchored by that print of a tree, making her look even taller than she already is. Which I love because, as Duana, who is also tall but not as tall as Jessica Williams, has observed before, tall women sometimes feel like they have to UN-tall themselves. This is not what Jessica is doing here. She is wearing her height, proudly, which is to say she’s just being herself. 

Can we talk about the stretch collar, like the one featured here on Jessica’s dress? I love this design feature. I love an elastic collar. They’re so comfortable, they give you the benefit and polish of a high collar, only softer, if that’s what you’re looking for. I wish we saw them more often. But you know what takes this look over the top? 

A camouflage jacket. That’s what she threw over her shoulders at one point and you wouldn’t think it works but it totally works. It picks up the colours in the dress and it makes it so that the tree looks like camouflage too. GREAT style instincts, right?!