At first I thought this was Chanel, because Julianne Moore wears a lot of Chanel. Classic black and white Chanel, too. And she almost always looks great in Chanel (unlike Margot Robbie), and since she looks so great here, that was the assumption. 


This, however, is Valentino. But it’s perfect on her. It’s also perfect for my personal style preferences because I’m partial to a cape – and this caped dress on her is exquisite. It’s that rope detail, lining the neck and then tied into a bow in front – simple and elegant and crisp. This is giving royal but also… Little Red Riding Hood? 

I know, the dress and cape itself aren’t red but they don’t have to be because she’s still bringing the red as a redhead which, for me, evokes the image, the idea of Red Riding Hood without being too stupidly obvious about it.


Julianne was at the premiere of Sharper, the new film opening today in theatres and then streaming on Apple TV+ next Friday. It’s a meditation on wealth and privilege, a thriller involving characters that seem to all be lying to each other. And it’s a strong cast too that also includes Sebastian Stan, John Lithgow, Justice Smith, and Briana Middleton. Speaking of Sebastian Stan, he, too, looked REALLY good in a black turtleneck under a three-quarter coat with his hair still at Tommy Lee length. Sebastian is supposed to start work on the MCU’s Thunderbolts in June (the movie about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Valentina assembling a group of antiheroes), returning as Bucky Barnes. What will Bucky’s hair be like this time? Are we going back to long? Or is he going to return to the shorter style he wore in Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Yes, this is a question people have been asking. It is a question I am also asking. Bucky’s hair is a thing, we all know this by now, don’t we?