Can you go wrong with a heart print shirt? Right? It’s not possible…right? It’s definitely not possible with Lana Condor. This is such a cute outfit, how could it not be the OOTW? 

I love pink and red. I love a collared pink and red heart print shirt. Nice touch on the rounded corners. It looks so fresh and smart tucked into that skirt. And the ribbon bow is a nice touch but you know what I’m curious about? If I were to take this outfit out for a drive, I’d try it with a little red bow tie.  


The advantage of a bow tie over a ribbon is that, sometimes, a ribbon can look floppy, messy. A bow is always on alert, never sleepy. 

Anyway, whatever. It’s not a complaint. This a full score, 100% outfit that could go as high as 150%, that’s the potential of hearts!