Leslie Jones presented at the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood event last night and the outfit she wore may be my favourite of all the outfits she’s ever worn. This is a GREAT suit. The colour is great on her, this muted mint green, so fresh, so pretty. Also the white trim is so sharp and there’s just enough of it – along the lapels and the strips over the pockets are a nice touch too. 


And then it’s white bustier underneath that brings it all together. The bustier is PERFECT. I like that the cups are opaque while the middle section is sheer, to bring out that contrast, and then the white band down the middle creates symmetry with the white parts in the suit. 

Everything here is just so sharp and boss, totally suited to her personality – and you can tell, she’s feeling it. In every shot I’ve seen with her she looks confident and comfortable and sexy and SO happy, that’s the power of a great outfit. 

Also attached – Zendaya and Laverne Cox. Zendaya, as we know, is always going to be a fashion moment, whenever she shows up. But I don’t really love this colour on her and while, obviously, she still looks amazing, I don’t think I’d rank this look on Z’s growing list of all-time looks. Laverne Cox, however, is unreal in this dress and the hair! I f-cking love this hairstyle: braided and flat across the top and them big volume on the sides. So good!