At this point, it might just be a given that when Ruth Negga is in metallic, the outfit is going to win. She’s also getting closer and closer to becoming one of those rare people removed from Outfit of the Week contention because whenever she shows up, it’s always going to be her. She’s too good. Thirty years from now, if I’m lucky enough to be around, I’ll still be gasping over her dress from the Golden Globes in 2017

Here’s Ruth at the Ad Astra premiere the other night in Gucci. I mean, how can you not love this? The fan print. The mint and the turquoise and the teal mixed in with the metals. That beautiful high collar that always works so well with her hair and her cheekbones. The purple eye shadow and the mauve lip for exactly the right pastel clash and match. And those gorgeous velvet cuffs to modernise the whole look, giving it a casual vibe. Like, you know, this could totally come in a matching sweatshirt. I wish. 


SO good. 

Especially since, sometimes, Gucci can overpower a person with the boho contrast to excess. Dakota Johnson is a good example. This, after all, is a LOT of dress. There’s a lot going on. And Ruth isn’t, say, Nicole Kidman, who has six feet to work with. But I don’t think it’s possible for a piece of clothing to overpower Ruth Negga. Her style vibe is delicate and strong, light and tough, all at the same time.