I fully acknowledge that there is a world in which I would not consider this a real outfit. On certain occasions, fishnet over a bra and underwear with some flowers stuck on it is not a real outfit. At any other premiere it is not a real outfit. 


But this is the Magic Mike’s Last Dance premiere worn by Salma Hayek, the co-star of the film. And what you wear at the premiere of a film should represent the film. Is there a better outfit to represent this particular film than what Salma is wearing here? And add to that the fact that the premiere was in Miami. Come on now – we can agree that this is the perfect premiere outfit for Magic Mike’s Last Dance…in MIAMI, right?!

It's one thing to pick a look that suits the event. It’s another to really feel it. And that, too, is what makes this the Outfit of the Week. Because Salma is feeling herself here. Feeling alllll of herself. 


Salma turned 56 in September. This is not old but there are a lot of people out there who probably think she’s too old to be bombing around in a dress (if we can call it a dress, LOL) like this. I work in television and I work with a lot of other women on television. And the amount of criticism that we all get over what we wear is incessant, ranging from whether or not women who report on the weather should be in sleeveless dresses, or whether or not a talk show host is too old to wear a tight dress, or too old to wear a loose dress. Or shorts. Or a knee-high socks. It’s confusing because out of one side of our mouths we’re all like, ageism is bad! And then on the other side, it’s all like, you’re too old to decide what clothes you want to wear! 

To go back to Salma then, at 56, pulling from the same clothing options as a woman in her 20s and 30s, I have no doubt that there’s someone out there huffing about it being inappropriate. Which, ironically, just might miss the point of the movie about women and desire and value.