Before we get into her outfit, some Sandra Oh work news. Her next project was announced this week. Of course, Killing Eve is still happening and season three will premiere soon but she’s also signed on to star in and executive produce a Netflix series called The Chair. Amanda Peet is showrunning the six episode dramedy about the Chair of an English department at a major university. And David Benioff and DB Weiss are producing too. It’s been made clear that Sandra is the lead character. That’s two in row, so Sandra’s career is as hot as its ever been. 

Now to the fashion…

I LOVE this dress so much. Always down for polka dots. These dots are the perfect size. And while this off-white beige tone generally isn’t my thing, it works here for her and for the style. It’s the smocking, though, that really makes this special. All the smocking – at the neck, the sleeves, and the waist. SO good, right? And the subtle trimming along the hem that rides up one side of the body. I need to buy this. 

Note too that the dress falls to the perfect length for these boots. And everything else is a good decision too, from the hair to the glasses to the makeup to the earrings. Project for the weekend: recreating this whole outfit.