It’s been a while since we’ve seen Scarlett Johansson on a red carpet – and she had a major movie release out this year. And it’s not just because of the pandemic. Black Widow came out in the summer and while Scarjo participated in the virtual press tour, she avoided the red carpet because as we found out later, she was pregnant. She and Colin Jost welcomed their son, Cosmo, in August. 


Last night Scarjo was joined by her husband because she received the American Cinematheque Award in Los Angeles. Marvel chief Kevin Feige was there to pay tribute to her and this is worth a mention for two reasons: first, as Sarah reported when Scarjo’s lawsuit against Disney was first made public, he supported her position and that was likely a factor in Disney’s decision to settle with Scarlett a few weeks later. Also, according to Deadline, in his remarks praising Scarlett for her work as an actor and a producer, he teased a “top secret Marvel Studios project on which the studio is reteaming with the actress, which he said has nothing to do with her Black Widow character, Natasha Romanoff. Feige noted that Johansson, who became the first Marvel actor to exec produce one of the studio’s movies with Black Widow, will also serve on the upcoming project as a producer”. So, clearly, Scarjo’s relationship with Marvel is as robust as ever. 


In addition to Kevin Feige, other members of Scarjo’s Marvel family showed up in-person and virtually to salute her. Jeremy Renner, the Hawkeye to her Black Widow, was on stage with her and Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, and Sam Rockwell showed up via video. 

As for her outfit, since this is an OOTW post, it’s one of the best white suits we’ve seen this year. The corset and the fit of the pants are both perfect. The blazer is open-back but what really makes it a showstopper is that it’s cinched. See how it comes in at the waist, almost like the two sides are attached to the pants? I love this construction and design detail because it suits her frame flawlessly, with her curves and her proportions. This is outstanding styling, great work by her stylist, Molly Dickson. Who shouted out the seamstress, Rosanna, in her post:

Like I just said, a look and a fit like this requires precise measurement and intricate tailoring. That’s the skill of an atelier level seamstress. It is its own artform and they are as integral to high fashion as the visionary designers themselves. Without them, the garments just wouldn’t come together.