An example of an outfit I would and could never wear…and it’s not necessarily that I want to, because it’s not really my style. But you can always appreciate a great look – and my GOD, this is a look on Teyana Taylor at the Kardashian event last night. 


The signature Marine Serre print in leggings and a matching top, under a black leather trench, a sick pair of red thick trim shades, and all of it pulled together by these boots. THE BOOTS! Maybe the best red boots I have ever seen, I am so desperate to touch them I keep poking my laptop screen, hoping that somehow I can get a feel of whatever material this is. Could be velvet, but I’ve also seen, like, texturised plastic have this effect. 

Whatever they are, this is the perfect showcase for them, and I’m so obsessed I’ll probably be looking for them all weekend. 

Until Teyana showed up and snatched it though, Jamie Chung was the outfit I had my eye on this week because of the different things that are happening in this suit.

Jamie Chung attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of "Ambulance" at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on April 04, 2022 in Los Angeles, California

Obviously, the main feature of interest here is the side-cut on one waist, but what really sells it is the boxy fit of the jacket, which is cropped, and the pants too, which are not worn tight but baggy – instead of boyfriend jeans, then, it’s the boyfriend suit, as though she MacGyver-ed her boyfriend’s suit. I might be into this if it becomes a trend.