I went to an advance screening of The Art of Racing in the Rain last night. Have you read the book by Garth Stein? It’s about a dog with a great name, Enzo. That’s pretty much all I have to tell you to explain why I was a f-cking MESS. It was the first time I’ve cried since at least 2017. I don’t remember crying in 2018. I definitely haven’t cried this year yet. But this movie, even though I know what happens, even though I know the story, I cried so hard it was a real effort to not make any noise. I was still crying by the time I got into my car. And I had to sit in the car when I arrived home to sob out some more emotion. Then I went inside and sobbed again in bed. Thanks God for Love Island. 

Anyway, Enzo loves race car driving because his human is a race car driver. Patrick Dempsey also loves race car driving which is one of the reasons he’s a producer on the movie. He and his wife Jillian (they just celebrated their 20th anniversary) were at the premiere last night and they’re the Outfit(s) of the Week this week mostly because …

Twin Boy Steeze!

As far as I’m concerned, Darby and Sullivan Dempsey wore the two best outfits on that carpet. I want their outfits. I am now taking fashion inspiration from the 12-year-old sons of Patrick and Jillian Dempsey. The only question is which one is better. 

The silver and black printed bomber on top of matching joggers is pretty sick, but I might have to give it to his brother in the multi-colour house banner print with the black blazer because I love the look of the blazer over the joggers and I like the stripes on the cuffs and the waistband. Also the white and gold sneakers speak to my Chinese-ness. We like gold everything. I like everything about these twin clothes. 

PS. You know how people were freaking out a few weeks ago about Paul Rudd being 50 years old and looking so good? Patrick Dempsey is 53 and he hasn’t changed in 15 years.