Beef, the new series starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, is now streaming on Netflix and it is still rating 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Yasmeen Hamadeh, writing for Mashable, says that’s it’s one of Netflix’s “best shows ever”. The New York Times says it’s the “most invigorating, surprising, and insightful debuts of the past year”. So if you’re looking to binge something this weekend, try Beef. I’ve watched the first three episodes and the chemistry between Ali and Steven is electrifying. As I mentioned in my post last week, it will be crazy to me if Beef and these two actors aren’t in contention for the Emmys. If that happens, Ali will be serving even more looks, and her looks on this press tour have been pretty great. 


Ali is working with Tara Swennen, Kristen Stewart’s long-time stylist. The choices have been perfect so far. From oversized and red…


To clingy and printed…


And excessively printed – in a good way: 


To this excellent high collar sequin and feather black dress for her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers: 


And this really, really, really pretty white Stella McCartney dress on Good Morning America with the big clunky platforms: 

Ali Wong at Good Morning America 

Tara’s taken Ali’s style to the next level, and at exactly the right time to match her career going to the next level. An outstanding case of Show Your Work.