We just posted Sarah’s review of Argylle and I was so anxious to know what she thought of it because I liked it so much and part of me was like… do I have bad taste? Well, yes, I actually do, but with Argylle it was more about fun. I keep saying this like they’re paying me (I assure you, they are NOT, which makes me a stupid c-nt), but honestly, this movie is So. Much. Fun. And much of it has to do with the fact that everyone in it is having so much fun. When you can see that the actors want to be there, and are enjoying themselves so much, it’s never a bad time at the theatre. That includes Catherine O’Hara, who is always a good time, no matter what she’s doing. But we’re here to talk about her style. 


Catherine O’Hara has always been stylish, it’s just that more people started paying attention to it after she played Moira Rose. Since then, we stopped sleeping on Catherine O’Hara’s steeze. This week, on the Argylle press tour, it’s been banger after banger from Catherine. A full week’s work of amazing looks. My favourite, no surprise, is the Thom Browne: 

Come on, there is no debate here. The suit, the bag, the coat, and of course, the finishing touch with the socks. 


That said, the Lanvin is a close second. It’s a studded jacket and skirt set with boots that aren’t an exact match but in certain light, it does look like she’s rolling head to toe… plus the most sumptuous coat, said in Will Ferrell’s voice. 


Speaking of coats though, we’re not done. Check out this grey goat with puffy pockets along the hem with the maroon suede boots. Catherine O’Hara can’t stop won’t stop. 

Catherine O'Hara is seen at GMA on January 30, 2024 in New York City

And finally, because the lady loves patterns, a vertical black and white striped suit under a black overcoat because… Beetlejuice? 

Catherine O'Hara out in New York, January 31, 2024

It’s giving Beetlejuice, isn’t it? Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is coming! They announced the title and they revealed the poster just this week. That’ll likely be the next time we’ll get a Catherine O’Hara press tour outfit. And it’s going to be a Delia Deetz press tour outfit! Be ready!