Along with Martin Scorsese, Kylie Jenner, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and SZA were also WSJ. innovators of the year and attended the gala on Wednesday night in New York. Before we get into the fashion, let’s start with Julia’s acceptance speech, because while she, like Timothée Chalamet, namechecked films by struck companies in her remarks, she wasn’t a scab about it; it was actually the opposite. 


Julia opened by explaining that: 

“I’m very, very busy innovating. I’m so busy in fact that I left it ‘til the last minute to write a speech.” 

This is why she used Chat GPT to help her with it. The program asked her to “include some of Julia’s biography to personalize remarks.”

And this is what Chat GPT came up with:

“Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests and fellow investors, today is a moment of profound gratitude and reflection for me as I accept the great honor of being recognized as the investor of the year by Wall Street Journal. 

Reflecting on this milestone, I am reminded of the unwavering support of my family and the unyielding dedication of my team that has the been driving force behind my investment strategies and my performances in Erin Brockovich, forgive me, and Mystic Pizza.” 


LOLOLOLOL, she is the best. 

She went on: 

“In this moment of gratitude, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all those who have supported me and inspired me. I am deeply honored to be in you company and the honor of receiving this honor. 

Thank you and again, thank you, for this incredible honor. An honor which I share with my grandfather, Richard Dreyfuss, star of Jaws.” 



As you may know, AI is one of the primary sticking points in the negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP. So using this opportunity as an artist, and through humour, to sharply make the argument that AI can never replace what artists can bring to life is a moment of solidarity with her union. JLD ended her remarks by reminding the audience that:

“Yeah, Chat GPT for AI, the folks who will soon be driving your car and taking your job. Innovation! 

In the end folks, it’s the humans who do the innovating and the entertaining, and that we recognize my small contribution innovating entertainment is very flattering and wonderful, and I am incredibly grateful.” 

JLD is wealthy. She made a lot of money during Seinfeld and she’s headlined several series since then and already came from a rich background. And she’s not up flirting with strike technicalities the way some of these other movie stars and spoiled ass celebrities are, so if she can do it, why can’t they. 


Now on to the fashion because I LOOOOOOVE her in this black fitted Prada dress with the feathers at the hem. It’s a classic look and modern at the same time. Like it works for now but I could also have pictured someone wearing it on one of his swans at Truman Capote’s Black and White ball. 

SZA was also in black and white at the event and the styling here is excellent. A white collar LBD, also classic but with contemporary touches, like the exposed threads and the open thigh, but what takes her look over the top are the white ruffle socks over the black pumps. It’s playful and on trend and so well suited to who she is: a pop star, one of the biggest pop stars of the year.