If you’ve been visiting this site over the years, you know our favourite game, the game I christened Photo Assumption, making baseless assumptions from pictures – it’s an unreliable science, which means it’s not at all a science but you know what else is considered, like, a cultural science?

The breakup glow-up. You know. Right after a breakup, some people cut their hair, colour their hair, there’s a whole new wardrobe, and of course I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression “revenge body”. I think there might be a Kardashian show called “revenge body”? I am not googling this. 

Anyway, we learned a few weeks ago that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx had broken up. Since then? There have been a lot of sightings. She’s looked great in almost every outfit, certainly this week, Fashion Week in New York. Katie’s got that breakup glow-up. 

I like her in this black dress with the blazer and booties. The booties are exactly the right shoe choice. But more people are talking about her bra and cardigan. This is a LOOK. Cardigan unbuttoned strategically to hang off one shoulder, exposing the bra strap and most of the bra – and the bra matches. It’s the “sexy but I’m not trying too hard” thing and … I’m into it. I want it. 

Finally, earlier this week, Katie stepped out in a black dress shirt tucked into joggers with sneakers. Excellent street style. Super fresh. 

Pretty sure there was a breakup glow-up when she left Tom Cruise too. She’s really good at it.