Kerry Washington stepped out in New York yesterday wearing one of the best belted blazers of the year. Look at this beauty – the strong shoulders, the tailoring, the length of it stopping mid-thigh. And worn over a pair of tight leather pants in moto-style… it’s just SO good.

Kerry Washington at The Late Show in New York, October 27, 2022

I do have questions about the shoes though. It’s not that I don’t like the look, the look is weird and fashion-forward and I appreciate the design imagination, I’m just curious how it feels to walk in a pair of these. Does it feel like you always want to lean forward on your toes and not lean back? 

Kerry was at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and later on, after taping, she changed into jeans, sneakers, a long coat…and a hat with a message. 

But hers is not the only outfit of the week. You’ll note in my post about the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premiere yesterday I did not include any shots of Michaela Coel. I was saving her for today. Because this fit is exquisite. And it was actually her second sick look of the week. Here’s what she wore on The Tonight Show on Tuesday. 


And then on the carpet…

There’s nothing complicated here. The dress falls beautifully. The shimmer isn’t overwhelming but it’s enough sparkle to add some restrained drama. If there’s any drama it’s in the hood. Now I know, I’m partial to a loose hood like this but what makes hers that much more special is that she wore her hair blonde for the look, and it totally pops. The hair is highlighted by the darkness in the material but the material is also enhanced by the colour of the hair, and the twinkles in the fabric are complemented by the blonde too – it’s a perfect marriage. 


While we’re here though, there was another hooded look on the carpet. Olivia Wilde wore a black dress with a hood last night too. She doesn’t pull hers all the way up though. It’s sitting at the back of her head and the effect is really pretty and what I want to know now is what the technique is to get it to stay back there. What did they use to pin it so securely so that it wouldn’t move? 

As for the rest of the dress, open through the midsection and balanced by the high collar and then anchored by those big bangles on both wrists – really great styling decisions happening top to bottom here.