Margot Robbie’s promotional wardrobe for the Barbie release this past summer, produced by stylist Andrew Mukamal, was one of the fashion triumphs of the year. And they probably left some looks on the table since the Barbie press tour happened juuuuuust before SAG-AFTRA called the strike.


As we know, Barbie is the biggest movie of 2023, a contender for multiple Oscars, including Best Picture, and the actors were not able to capitalise on the momentum of its box office through the early part of award season. So now that the strike has ended, it’s all about putting Barbie on the front page once again during these last few weeks of campaigning before the holiday break, looking ahead to the Oscar nomination voting period which kicks off January 11. 

Which means that Margot Robbie is back in Barbie mode and Barbie clothes. I’m a few days late on these outfits but at least I get to show you a whole series that takes us right back to those wonderful few weeks of fashion in June and July when she and Andrew put together that run of killer Barbie pieces. 


Here she is at a special screening last week in a pair of jeans, a pink blazer, with pink pumps. This is an ease-in: 

Margot Robbie attends the special screening and Q&A of Warner Bros. Pictures' BARBIE at Warner Bros. Studios on Friday, November 17, 2023 in Burbank, California

From there, it was onto Deadline’s Contenders series in another pair of jeans, dark wash this time, and folded high over red open-toe pumps, an adorable cherry shirt tied at the waist, and a red belt. Flip the carousel for the inspiration: 

SO good, right? 


Finally, another screening, and pale pink this time – a pyjama suit with feathers and pale pink from head to toe. No inspiration has been shared so far for this outfit but I’m not sure we need it since, well, even if there wasn’t an actual Barbie in this look, you can easily imagine it. 

Margot Robbie attends the special screening and Q&A of Warner Bros. Pictures’ BARBIE at Linwood Dunn Theater at the Pickford Center for Motion Study on November 18, 2023 in Hollywood, California

What I’d love to know is whether or not any of this is left over from the summer, or if Andrew Mukamal just picked up where he left off several months ago… and how much more he and Margot will be rolling out in the coming weeks and into the new year as Barbie will undoubtedly go deep into award season. Happy Barbie Holidays!   

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